About Us
Bella Products inc. has been manufacturing and selling Aesthetic and Medical Products for eight years. Our goal is to provide to the industry the very best designed and manufactured products available. With our committment to this goal we have developed a technology with a continuous path of upgrade for each our products since our inception. You willl never lose your investment in a Bella machine because of this upgrade policy and design. Each design change is always available to you and your business.

Al Metcalf is the original design patent holder of micro-dermabrasion technology. This technology is the basis of all of the negative pressure machines manufactured in the world. The technology patent was issued in May 2001. U.S. Patent number 6,238,275 and is the only patent issued on "Vacuum Pressure Micro-dermabrasion Systems Technology". A second patent based on "Handset Application Tool Technology" was issued in July 2001 (patent number 6,250,996). There are several patents still pending or in issue at this time.

Mr. Metcalf started working on micro-dermabrasion designs at his technology company, MGM Precision, in the summer of 1997. His first designs were brought to market by DermaGenesis Corporation, (a California Corporation) in October of that year. Over the next year there were four iterations of the two different models manufactured of that basic design sold under the name of "DermaGenesis".

In the fall of 1998 Mr. Metcalf finished two more micro-dermabrasion systems designs. These designs were brought to market by Excelladerm Corporation (a Calif Corp.), of which Mr. Metcalf was, at that time, the founder, a 50% owner, Chairman of the Board of Directors and VP of Engineering. In the spring of 2000 these products were labeled by Coherent Laser Inc. as the "SkinScape" product line. Mr. Metcalf sold his share of Excelladerm in the summer of 2000.

In the late summer of 2000 Mr. Metcalf made significant design changes, applied for more patents and manufactured several new designs of micro-dermabrasion machines. In the fall of 2000, Bella Products Inc. (a California Corporation), was started and Mr. Metcalf runs the Corporation from it's headquarters in South Orange County, California.