Bella Micro Technology
All of our Micro-dermabrasion machines operate with the same vacuum design philosophy. This design is based on a balance of vacuum and air in both the abrasion and evacuation systems of the machine. This allows for a precise control of treatment parameters at all times. A precise control of treatment parameters allows the operator to perform the abrasion on the client with only one linear overlapped pass instead of the multiple, and crosshatched patterns, of other machines. This design also provides the operator the ability to repeat the exact same treatment time after time. Treatment Control makes all the difference in the outcome of the treatment.

All of the Bella machines utilize a Venturi Pipe Injection System to maintain a consistent density of crystal in the airstream based on the Vacuum Pressure in the Application Cap. All machines also perform Aspiration, the ability to operate with clean air and vacuum pressure, no crystal, to draw residual blood up into the dermis to trigger immediate fibroblast following the abrasion treatment.
Both of our 90 degree, Direct Particle, Application handset designs, for the 'BellaMicro' and the 'BellaDerma/BellaMed', have the capability to operate with all three of our Abrasion/Aspiration Treatment Application Caps (.250", .375" and .475" application window sizes) for Micro-dermabrasion, Aspiration, Massage Therapy or Endermology.
All of our machines are multimode machines and can operate in either Abrasion and Aspiration, with just a click of a switch, and can operate with either Aluminum Oxide or Sodium BiCarbonate as the abrasive particle with no modifications to the machine except for the changing of the Media Crystal Canister in use. Two crystal canisters are supplied with each machine.
All of our machines are designed so that the Treatment Gauge actually registers the pressure on the tissue of the client, "not the pressure at the motor or the pressure in the Waste System". Therefore, all treatments are completely reproducible on each client, time after time. Most abrasion treatments, on the Bella Machine, are performed with treatment pressures between 3.5 and 5.5 inches of Mercury (Hg), the actual vacuum pressure on the tissue of all clients.
All of our present machine models carry a five (5) year warranty. All of the machines we have ever manufactured, under the Bella name, carry a 100% credit upgrade towards any higher performance model during their warranty period.
Bella Micro-Dermabrasion Technology