BellaMicro BM VI-R
The BellaMicro Micro-Dermabrasion Machine is our smallest and most portable device. The machine will Abrade, Aspirate and VacuPressure Massage from .5 to 17 inches of HG. The machine has an optional roll around carrying case. This machine weighs 17 lbs.
BellaDerma BD VI-R
The BellaDerma is our Cross-over Micro-Dermabrasion Machine. This machine is designed to be used in Aesthetic and Medical procedures in Salon and Beauty Spas as well as in Medical Spas and Clinics. The device will Abrade, Aspirate and VacuPressure Massage from .5 to 20 inches of HG. This machine weighs 29 lbs.
BellaDerma BD VI-A
This BellaDerma Machine operates exactly as the above machine with a single exception. This machine is primarily manufactured to be used in a multi-operator environment. The machine has an air flow pressure sensor and will automatically shut off if the airflow is obstructed enough to cause harm to the motor. Everything else is the same as the machine above.