Photo Dynamic
Photo Dynamic Therapy is the name given to the procedure of treating tissue with Light Photons. It is this ability of living cells to utilize the light energy from the Sun that has allowed life to exist on the earth. Without the Sun, we as living beings, could not exist.
The Sun emits a broad spectrum of all visible and invisible light as well as those wavelengths that penetrate through rock and steel.
Over the last 20 years we have finally became able to create technology that allows us to build artificial sun devices, or it may be better to say, devices that produce narrow beam photon particles in order to treat certain tissue and emotional problems caused by a deficiency of Sun energy in our tissue.
We at Bella have designed a line of these products, based on special Focused LEDs, that holds all of the Photon beam in an 8 to 12 degree cone directed right at the target area. This allows the operator to select specific wavelength light panels to use singlely or grouped together, as a larger array, to treat many different conditions with the concentrated photon beam.
Our single panel is an array of 231 5mm FLED devics which measures 4.5 x 8.5 inches and three panels can be grouped to be a single array of 9 x 18 inches. This three panel array is flexible and can be wrapped around the object of treatment.

The light panels come in multiple wavelengths as listed in the table:
Wavelength  Treatment  3/array J/second  J/cm2/minute 
310nm (UV Blue)  Psoriasis      50.1 J/sec       4.32 J/min 
360nm (UV Blue)  Scleroderma      50.1 J/sec      4.32 J/min 
415nm (UV Blue)  P. Acne Bacteria      50.1 J/sec      4.32 J/min
470nm (Brt Blue)  Neural Tissue      50.1 J/sec      4.32 J/min
515nm (Green)  Upper Epidermal      50.1 J/sec      4.32 J/min
585nm (Yellow)  Mid Epidermal      28.8 J/sec      2.52 J/min 
637nm (Red)  Lower Epidermal      31.8 J/sec      2.76 j/min
860nm (NI Red) 
Muscle Tissue      31.8 J/sec      2.76 J/min
940nm (I Red)  Ulcerated Lesions      31.8 K/sec      2.76 J/min
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