Photo Dynamic
The Derma Joule DJ 231, PDT Systems are available in multiple configurations.

The base configuration is a desktop product consisting of the Controller Box (with the ability to control up to six panels), two hand held light panels and two Coiled Panel Control Cables. This configuration can be added to in increments over time, to suit the needs of the user, and end up as the top of the line PDT product, a Dual Articulating Arm System mounted on a Star Pedastel.

The next configuration is a Roll Around, Star Pedastal Mounted Control Box with a Single Articulating Arm and a Three Panel Articulating Glove System mounted on the Arm. This Glove System can accept any of the nine PDT Light Panels manufactured by Bella. Normally this configuration is delivered with five panels and five Coiled Panel Control Cables. But, this is completely up to the desires of the customer as everything within the PDT System is Custom Configurable.

The next configuration is exactly as above except that it has two Articulating Arms with a Three Panel Articulating Glove System on each Arm. The system is delivered with a minimum of six PDT Light Panels (three panels for each glove) and six Coiled Panel Control Cables. This device is mostly purchased to perform acne treatments with three UV Blue Panels on one Arm and three Red Panels on the other Arm. Again this is completely up to the purchaser. We can build any configuration of panels to suit almost any requirement. Changing light panels for a completely different treatment is a two minute operation. To do hand held light panels treatments, the light panels are removable by a spring loaded retaining pin.
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