Dermal Nutrients 3

The C-nutrient Plus product is to be used as a post micro-dermabrasion treatment moisturizer and for daily skin protection and nutrition on dry skin.

C-nutrient Plus should be applied directly to the newly abraded tissue immediately after cleanup and hydration and re-applied daily, each morning, between treatments. Sunscreen should be applied after C-nutrient Plus.

C-nutrient Plus can also be used as a night cream for all skin types. As a night cream C-nutrient Plus should be applied prior to bedtime each evening.

Application: Place a small amount on the fingertips and gently apply and massage into the area of application as directed by your skin care professional.

Exfo-nutrient Cream Specifically formulated as a gentle night exfoliant treatment.

Active Ingredients: Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate (Vitamin C Ester), Vitamin E Acetate, Green Tea Extract and Glycolic Acid

The Exfo-nutrient Cream product is to be used in a special method to enhance the exfoliation of skin cells between micro-dermabrasion treatments to blend and smooth any texture and color shading of the skin.
Exfo-nutrient should be applied to the skin the forth (4th) evening after micro-dermabrasion and should continue for seven (7) evenings only.
If skin brightening is an issue then KojiLac-C Cream can be alternated with the Exfo-nutrient. Those evenings leading up to and post Exfo-nutrient treatments should be C-nutrient Plus application evenings.

In the maintenance phase of micro-dermabrasion treatments the Exfo-nutrient products should be used starting on the forth (4th) evening and applied on a rotating schedule with