This tutorial is to provide some insight into how this 'Micro-dermabrasion Technology' works and how to select a machine that will continue to work, correctly, year after year. I am the inventor of this technology so I am the person who should know all about it. Pay attention so you will know what I did in 1997.

Do not fall into the trap that other manufacturers set "that all of these machines work the same". All of the machines do not work the same - anymore than all cars work the same. A few machines are acceptable, most machines are not acceptable. One machine is correctly designed to perform the function as required and as a plus it also performs other Aesthetic procedures related to the treatment of tissue. It is a Bella Machine.

Micro-dermabrasion is a technology of 'particles in an airstream, brought up to high kinetic energy, then directed to the target tissue, so the impact of the particle on the target, will cut the tissue, causing abrasion'. This is, at the base level, Air Powered Sand Blasting. The first machine actually was a Sand Blaster, and as you can imagine, it was extremely messy and was completely uncontrolable. The room was a beach scene at the completion of a treatment.

In more modern times, since 1997, this technology has changed dramatically and is now performed in a clean environment under a Total Vacuum Technology using special methods to inject the crystal particles into a Vacuum Induced Airstream. Then, using a specifically designed Application Handtool, the crystal particles are brought up to high kinetic energy and are directed into the target tissue to cause the abrasion under a Vacuum Control. The same Application Handtool then immediately, again under Vacuum Control, evacuates the spent particles so fresh incoming particles can continue the abrasion on the tissue.
You can tell by reading this article that Vacuum is the prime mover of this technology, and in fact, the only power device used in a Micro-Dermabrasion Machine using my Vacuum Technology, is the Vacuum Motor, and every micro-dermabrasion machine manufactured is, in fact, based on some type of this design. The only time crystals flow in the system is when the Handtool cap is on the tissue, because it is the contact with the tissue that transfers the vacuum energy in the application cap into the air flow transport for the crystal system.

Consequently, my goal in this tutorial is to give you guide lines that are relevant to every machine in existence. This is a very broad position to take, but I believe that if we lay down some of the basic concepts that I used in the beginning of the first machine design, we can arrive at some evaluation tools that will keep you from making drastic mistakes with your hard earned money. Let's try.

If we are going to abrade a persons tissue off of their body, we must do it in a consistent and safe manner and we must be able to repeat the same procedure each time the person comes back for another treatment. This seems reasonable as a goal.
Does all of the areas of the body have the same sensetivity to pain? No, pain recepters are as individual as tissue areas.
Can we assume that all people will want the same amount of abrasion or that each person will be able to stand the pain equally. No, I do not think we can assume this, either.
Micro Tutorial