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About Bella Products

"When you buy a 'Bella', you're buying the best Microdermabrasion Products in the World!" - Richard Cortes

Bella Products aims to provide the very best Design and Technology for Microdermabrasion. We have had a "Continuous Upgrade Path" Policy since our inception, over 20 years ago. Customers will never lose an investment in a Bella System because each new Design is always backwards compatible with the previous Models, and available to all of our Customers.

Al Metcalf, Bella Products Founder

Founder, Bella Products (Retired)

Al Metcalf is the Original Design Patent Holder (#6,238,275 MAY 2001) of Microdermabrasion Technology, which is the basis of all of the negative pressure machines manufactured in the world, and the only patent on "Vacuum Pressure Microdermabrasion Systems Technology".

Richard Cortes, Engineering and Manufacturing Director

Engineering & Manufacturing Director

Ricardo began working with Al since the founding of Bella Products. He brings more than 30 years of experience as a Mechanical Engineer, and Designs, Analyzes, Manufactures, plus Maintains all of the Bella Systems.

Ellen Cortes, Marketing and Customer Service Director

Marketing & Customer Service Director

Ellen began working with Bella Products in 2017 after graduating from Cal State Fullerton University. Together with Richard, her Father, they now run Bella Products following the retirement of its Founder, Al Metcalf.

Other Quotes from Richard Cortes

"Having worked on the Bella microdermabrasion machines for over 20 years, I can confidently say that these are the best machines in the market!"

"With proper maintenance, these "Bellas" can operate for years and years. For example, there are Bella machines in use, that were originally purchased when the company first started in 2000!"

"I have worked closely with Bella Founder & Multiple Dermabrasion Patent Holder Al Metcalf through various updates of these machines, and have personally seen the high-quality Design & Manufacturing Process that makes them so successful and durable!"

The World's First Microdermabrasion Products!

The World's Best Microdermabrasion Products!


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